Eshe DesignOlivia Eshe HoltArtist and 3D Designer

Olivia Eshe is a designer from Detroit, Michigan working in ceramics, furniture and public installation.  Her artistry spans from traditional handcrafting techniques to 3D modeling and visualization.  Through her interdisciplinary practice, she develops conceptual ideas into tangible realities, transforming various materials to contemporary objects that express personal narratives and elevate our built environment.

Olivia received a BFA in Product Design with a minor in Crafts and Material Studies from the College of Creative Studies. She currently works as a Junior Designer for Urban Alterscape


Selected WorkCrafted ObjectsDigitally DesignedPublic Installation

Lines, Loops
Birch Plywood. 2019

This series marks the beginning use of curvature in my ever evoling design lanuage.  I aim to push the boundaries of the material through form and process. The looping of material symbolize stages of life. Starting from line to curve, mapping the beginning and end.

Earth Side
Cast Concrete. 2021

To expand apon my use of curvature and material exploration, I designed this two part side table.  Transforming the typical industrial cast process into a tactile application method. Mixing the concrete by hand provided moments of focus, mediation and reflection; I came up with a custom mix using a terra dye to symblolize the color of earth. This piece serves as a true representation of material exploration. Seeking to embody the properties and cast process of concrete in a new form.

Furniture Design. 2018

    Furniture Bringing People Together.

    Library furniture needs to Facilitate all types of interactions. The Coalesce concept is a modern design that provides seating approachable from all sides.

    Mother of Pearl
    Jewlery Design. 2018

    Beautifully designed clam shell watch for the contempary woman. Inspired by the esscene of an Afro Caribbean sea siren.

    Electricfy Expo
    Lexus USA. 2023

    This booths modular architecture  utilizes a simple structure providing an open space for programming with easy deployment. It features interchangeable walls and rails for custom display.

    Highlighting the next chapter of Lexus through display of campaign graphics, programmed activations and an engaging environmental application.

    My impact: modular structure design, vehicle layout, 3D visualization and renders

    Garden Novella
    Other Work. 2021

    Mexicantown, Detroit. (2021)
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    Project Article on Medium

    A traveling garden of stories, plants, and lights. The stories are audio recordings from 15 residents and business owners from Southwest Detroit. As you approach the installation, motion sensors activate the lights and speakers, producing a soundscape choreography that introduces you to the community. Suspended plants evoke the sense of uprootedness and transplanted - and just as many immigrants in Southwest have had to plant new roots in a new ecology where they help one another thrive. Mirrors clad the underside of the canopy, reflecting the image of yourself as you hear someone else’s story, someone whose story may be much different than yours, as a reminder that even in our differences we are united. 

    My impact: prototype development, handcrafting techniques, final installation